Implementation of rescue program of the Angelica palustris

The project is realized in years 2015-2017.

Aim of the project is the implementation of the proposed measures in support of the Angelica palustris in the oldest of the rescue program approved  in the Czech Republic.

The rescue program has been approved by the Ministry of the environment in 2000. In 2013, has completed an evaluation of its implementation so far. In terms of the achievement of the objectives of the rescue program was filled with only part of them. The populations was restored permanently only on site in the NPP Hrdibořické ponds. The other self maintaining populations yet failed to create at the Černovír Moor on the second and only other suitable locality for the species in Central Moravia.

Within the project are carried out the following activities.

1) research the biology of the species and the type of care - culture species, storing seeds to the seed bank, sowing and planting on site, monitoring of the species and genetic variability studies site links

2) site care - mowing the sites Černovírské Moor and NPP Hrdibořické ponds, care of Angelica palustris areas, monitoring levels of subsurface water and preparation of documents for the revitalization of the Černovírský Moor

3) education, public awareness and promotion - rehabilitation and maintenance of the information panels, international seminar on the protection of Angelica palustris, presentation of the activities, an exhibition of photographs from the implementation of the project and the website of the project

1a. the cultivation of the species in the culture and its propagation

In the framework of this activity is Angelica palustris culture in the built facilities of Sagittaria in the garden in Křelov in order to maintain its gene in ex-site  conditions and also with a view to the production of seeds for growing seedlings, sowing and conservation in the seed bank. Specifically, it will be the maintenance of the plants on five culture beds (width 1 m, length 25 m) and three of the tanks (120x80cm). Beds are provided with irrigation system in the form of microporous tubing with a programmer for automatic irrigation.

Furthermore, it is done pre-growing germinate plants in the seedling trays in the greenhouse and culture on the planting shelves for the site of Černovírský moor and on completion of the plants into cultivation. From seeds collected from moist stratification is performed by cultivation during sowing the seeds - on the tray with a moist sparkle. After a month of cold stratification (fridge 8°C) the seeds are placed in the greenhouse. Later they moved to the cultivation racks outside the greenhouse.

At the time of ripening seeds are harvested ripe achieves of culture for further cultivation a preservation in the seed bank.

This species produce seeds only one time to life and die. Length of life is typically 2+3 years, and therefore, it is necessary still check a refill the cultivation.

storage the seeds to the seed bank and testing their germination

In the long-term preservation of the gene pool of Angelica palustris is part of the production of seeds stored in the seed bank of Museum in Olomouc and in the cooler for storage of seeds for Sagittaria. Before saving, the seeds are cleaned up from the remnants of umbels, of these dried up with silica gel and stored in coldness for long-term storage.

Within the project is made up the seed bank, where will be part of the seeds from both the culture and the production of the sites of occurrence kept. Regularly are seeds stored from each year. The seeds are stored dried in the refrigerator in a hermetic package at a constant temperature of 8°C.  Within the seed bank of Museum of Olomouc (VMO) are seeds stored in an airtight containers, dried in the dark at a temperature of 1-5°C.

In the context of testing seed germination tests are carried out on 100 seeds in 10 repeats. The aim of the measures is to check the vitality maintained gene pool.


planting plants on site of the Černovír, including an experimental planting on potentially su

itable locations

In the context of the active support of Angelica palustris on the Černovír site are planted plants of cultivation and executed large eruptions.

Pre-grew plants from the culture of the population are planted to seedbeds squares the size 1x1 m with planting amount of 49 plants in the area. These areas are located at suitable locations of areas of Angelica palustris and further on a potentially suitable sites.